Still learning…

Having finally finished university I was very excited about all the free time I would have on my hands this year. Weekends! Public holidays! Unfortunately my grand plans of filling up my spare time with languages, yoga, calligraphy and further learning haven’t worked out as I had envisaged. I am still adjusting to working full time, so for now I’m just making lists of all the things I would like to do.
There are some amazing looking online courses that address certain aspects of sustainability. Although I’m not sure I could bear the idea of doing an assignment just yet, I am thinking of listening in on the lectures from a couple. These ones have caught my eye recently:

  • Making Sense of Climate Science Denial. Because sometimes just making frustrated noises at ‘sceptics’ is not enough. Starting this week, this course has been getting a lot of publicity recently. It is run through edX and developed by the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute.

What are your favourite resources for keeping up to date on your areas on interest? Let me know about any courses on your radar in the comments.

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