World Environment Day wrap

Since returning from World Environment Day in Italy I have been keeping busy with work and other fun activities, and suddenly I am one of those bloggers who hasn’t posted anything for four months!
So here is a quick wrap up from my time at the Expo Milano for WED2015 all the way back in June.

A swing that produces enough energy to charge a phone! Photo credit: Margaret Badore
A highlight of my time at World Environment Day was meeting the wonderful Margaret Badore of TreeHugger. She gave me some great insights into the world of an environmental journalist, as well as being super friendly. Of course, being a professional journalist, she was far more prompt than I am in writing about her experiences of World Environment Day and Expo Milano over at TreeHugger. She even featured some of my photos here and here!

The edible green wall on the US pavilion

Sneakily sampling the produce from the edible green wall. Photo credits: Margaret Badore
It was very exciting to see my work published on the official UNEP website. I will repost my posts on Wonderfully Green so that they don’t get lost in the big tangle of the internet once next year’s competition rolls around. Here they are:

  • Post 1 – The wonderful world of sustainability at the Expo
  • Post 2 – World Environment Day – a day to celebrate every other day.
Although it wasn’t quite what I had expected, being part of the UNEP delegation at the Expo was an interesting experience and I feel very fortunate to have been selected as the blog competition winner.
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