On zero waste trendsetting

I feel like I can track the progress of the zero waste movement in Cardiff through conversations with my local greengrocer.

When we first shopped there a year ago and we brought in our assorted floral fabric bags, she said something along the lines of “these are lovely, I’ve never seen anything like that before”.⁣

About seven months ago she excitedly told me “someone else came in here this week with bags like yours!” (And I also joined in the excitement, of course!)⁣

Just this last weekend, she said “you set the trend – everyone’s using them now!”

Of course, I don’t think I really set any trend. The more likely case is Sir David Attenborough raised public awareness of the problems associated with plastic pollution in a massive way, and individuals responded by finding ways to eliminate unnecessary single use plastic from their lives.

Hope you all have lovely conversations with your local shopkeepers this weekend!⁣

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