A guide to living sustainably in Cardiff

This is the map I wish someone handed me when I moved to Cardiff last year. I am so excited to share it so that everyone can discover the awesome businesses and organisations that are enabling people to live a sustainable lifestyle here in Cardiff. 

Over the last year I have slowly built up pins on a map to remember my favourite places and places that are recommended to me in Cardiff. I’m sure there are things missing from the map, so please let me know in the comments! The map below is interactive, so have a click around to see what is near you. Using the buttons on along the top you can view a list of all places, share the map or view it in full screen.

What is on the map?

The pins are vaguely organised by category to make it a bit easier to navigate the map. The categories include:

  • Package free food – We are lucky to have a couple of dedicated zero waste stores in Cardiff now, but the map also highlights places where you can buy products in returnable packaging or bring your own containers. 
  • Farmers markets – An excellent place to find package free, organic produce and support local producers at the same time.
  • Low impact living – This is a bit of a miscellaneous category for places that take an ethical or sustainable approach to providing products and services.
  • Veg*n restaurants and cafes – If you are looking for vegetarian or vegan food in Cardiff, you will find something to eat in most places. However there is a growing number of restaurants and cafes dedicated to plant-based food. 
  • Bike cafes + rental – Cardiff is a great city for this sustainable form of transport, and these places support cyclists of all varieties.
  • Share + repair – These are both excellent ways to reduce the need to buy new things, Cardiff has repair cafes and a library of things to facilitate sharing and repairing.
  • Community hubs – This category includes obvious community and arts hubs, and also local cafes and venues that hold community events. I wanted to highlight these places as they provide a way for the community to connect, often have markets and events to support local businesses, and occasionally host events that are focussed around sustainability. 
  • Recycling centres – There is inevitably waste that can’t be recycled in the curbside recycling collection, however in Cardiff it is possible to recycle a surprisingly wide range of things at the recycling centres. 

Other really helpful maps and resources related to sustainability in Cardiff

There are a range of other resources that I have come across over the past year that also provide handy information related to different aspects of sustainability. I didn’t want to replicate the efforts of the groups that have put these resources together, so they are all linked below:

  • The Sustainable Cardiff Map hosted by Cardiff Transition highlights all the community, volunteering, renewable energy platforms, skills groups, discussion groups in Cardiff. They also have a map of allotments and community gardens. 
  • Cardiff has a very successful bike sharing scheme run by Nextbike, you can see a map of available bikes here or on the mobile app.
  • Cardiff Council has a map which shows the location of public services such as libraries, recycling facilities and sites of ecological interest (among many other things).
  • Refill Cardiff has an app that shows businesses and other locations where you can fill up your drinking water bottle for free. 
  • There is a very new shiny Sustainable Cardiff Slack group, which is full of wonderful, passionate people sharing ideas, events and resources relating to sustainability in Cardiff. It was set up by the lovely folks at Green City Events, who run sustainable living workshops across Cardiff.

I hope this post was helpful for anyone that has recently embarked on a journey to Cardiff or towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Let me know if there is anything I have missed and I’ll add it to the map!

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