A tale of two holidays

I wrote a blog post about our trip to the Netherlands at the start of the year. We went again in March. On my first day back at work after the second trip, a colleague asked if I was planning to write another blog post. I said no.


Because I thought it would be boring and not relevant to the blog. You see, in that week I:

  • Spent more time in a car than I spent in the entire previous year*
  • Ate more cheese than I had in the previous six months**
  • Didn’t ride a bike at all (!)
  • Didn’t do any notable ‘eco-friendly’ activities.

* With 4-5 adults in the car the carbon emissions probably weren’t too much worse than doing all the travel by train.

** I didn’t actually measure this, but I ate a lot of cheese!

Not particularly blog-worthy is it! But as my colleague pointed out, perhaps that doesn’t matter. Perhaps it is important to write about because:

  1. We can’t all be perfect all the time and just do ostentatiously eco-friendly things.
  2. I had a wonderful time. It was a very different kind of holiday but it was lovely spending quality time with my parents while they we on this side of the world and also reconnecting with lots of relatives all over the Netherlands.
  1. I still found a couple of fun sustainable things to share, see happy snaps below!
You may have seen the famous snack walls around the Netherlands. This trip we were able to join the fun and “uit de muur eten”, because they now have “vegaburgers”. Probably not the healthiest dinner, but super satisfying after a 4-hour Eurostar ride to Amsterdam.
These Swapfiets bikes have taken over the streets. It is a really nifty system, you pay a monthly fee and they give you a bike to ride around. If it gets broken, they’ll have a new one to you within the day. Owning things continues to look less and less attractive.
I had heard of Join The Pipe before our trip and was super excited to see their water refill fountains all over the place. They are a super cool enterprise that donates profits to sanitation projects in developing countries.
You may have seen a very excitable Instagram post about these trousers. They are ethically and sustainably made and oh so comfortable! I have worn them so much since and am even wearing this exact outfit again today.
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