1990, 2020, 2050

I was born in 1990.

Next year is 2020. I will be 30 years old.

In 2020 we must start reducing global emissions of greenhouse gases. 

30 years after that is 2050. I will be 60 years old.

By 2050 we must have reduced global emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero.

I was born in 1990. 

In 1990 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned for the first time that humans had already had an impact on the climate and we needed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

Fossil fuel companies have known about the impacts of climate change since before 1990 but didn’t want anyone else to know.

Of all the industrial greenhouse gas emissions since the industrial revolution, we have emitted more than half since 1990.

We don’t have time for another 30 years of lies and inaction.

Tell the truth.

Act now.

We explored Weston-super-Mare over the weekend and I was intrigued by this walkway that looks like it is always flooded (but actually wasn’t). Slightly dystopian, just like this attempt at poetry.

References (because even poems should be fact-checked!):

Want to take action? Join the global climate strikes this September. Even Wonderfully Green will be taking part in the digital strike.

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