A Cardiff sustainable living update

Hello there! It has been a while. Almost looks like I went on a climate strike and never came back. But I’m back, and now that the evenings are darker and drearier here in Cardiff, perhaps I’ll finish some of the ten draft posts I have half written over the last few months. To get us started, here is a bit of an update. Not really a life update as such, but a sustainable living update!

The guide!

Towards the end of last year I published the Cardiff Sustainable Living Guide, a directory of all the wonderful places in Cardiff that enable people to live more sustainably. And golly gosh, so many new places are popping up that I can barely keep it up to date! With over 3,000 views, I’m glad people are finding it useful. As always, it is a work in progress, so let me know if anything needs an update!

Vegan eats

While our beloved Milgi is no more, in the same location in Roath is Blue Honey Local and in the Market is the Greenery. I completely missed the Aubergine popup but they are crowdfunding for a more permanent location. My favourite of the new bunch of vegan eateries has been Polarity, which has very Abbotsford Convent vibes (for any Melburnian readers) with chilled live music some evenings.

Zero waste

Yet another zero waste shop, Iechyd Da, has opened in Whitchurch. A few weekends after they opened, my partner and I went for a ride out there (finally visiting Ve Wild Cafe and finding a shirt each at one of the charity shops as well). I only wish it was closer to home, or the route to cycle there was less terrifying, because they have a fabulous range including vinegars and soy sauce! I’m not too worried however, because Ripple Living just announced that they are expanding. Here’s hoping my dreams of bulk frozen veggies and liquids are fulfilled. Then we can finally prevent those last pesky pieces of plastic from entering our lives.

Sustainable toys!

In non-edible news, a sustainable toy and book shop has also arrived in Cardiff, The Honeycomb Toys & Books. Basically the only people that get physical presents from me these days are my nephews, so this is wonderful!

Not buying things…

As we all know, sustainable living is not just about buying things! In fact it is often about not buying things at all. To help with that, there has been an absolute explosion of Repair Cafes opening around Cardiff and Wales in general. I’m not convinced I have all the locations right, so always best to check their Facebook page.

Sharing them instead!

I’m also very excited to introduce the Share Cardiff directory, an “online hub for social good”. There are so many wonderful community groups and organisations listed. I said in my original post about the guide I put together that it was the guide I wish someone handed me when I moved to Cardiff. I would also have loved the Share Cardiff directory as they complement each other nicely (mine includes businesses which won’t appear in Share Cardiff). Just flicking through now I see so many groups and initiatives that I want to get involved with. They have also been hosting a series of events to bring the community together in real life, the next one is on 16 November if you are keen to find out more. (PS…guess who has an entry in the directory!)

Events and activities

Finally, there have been so many exciting events happening. One Sunday we went for a lovely ride out to St Fagans for the food festival, to see gigantic vegetables and the wonderful Becca from Green Squirrel do a workshop on zero waste living. I have been to and helped out with heaps of their workshops before, there are just a few left for the year. Green Squirrel are also launching a new creative community project this month, the Girl Who Wouldn’t Give Up (their launch event is also on 16 November, yet another one I’ll miss!).

I couldn’t end this post without mentioning the waves of climate activism that are crashing over each other at the moment. The global climate strikes in September were followed by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) International Rebellion in October.

Much closer to home, The Emergency Room – Yr Ystafell Argyfwng ran over the last two weeks of October at Made in Roath, bringing people together to explore how arts and culture can support radical climate action. I went along to a session by Gentle/Radical on taking an intersectional approach to the climate emergency. I still have so much to unpack from that session, but perhaps I’ll write a post on the themes soon (a good place to start is this letter).

Coming up in Cardiff, if climate activism is your jam and you like dinosaurs, then you are in for a treat. Look what XR has planned for December!

Have I missed anything? I’d love to hear in the comments about any wonderful, sustainable things happening in Cardiff!

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