First signs of spring

Here’s a thing I never thought I would blog about.

I think I have become a running person. Maybe not a running person. A jogging-very-slowly-over-short-distances person.

Regardless of the semantics, almost every second day since returning to the UK at the start of the year I have been up before the sun and out the door before my conscious brain has thought better of it.

You might think that cold, rainy, dark, Welsh winter is the least inspiring running situation. But it has in fact been a marvellous time to start running. It turns out I find running very boring and difficult, so running has become an exercise in mindfulness and paying attention to the little changes day to day and week to week.

I have noticed the sunrise get later and later as the weeks go by.

I have noticed the first daffodils bloom, then a few more, and a few more, until the grass has been overtaken with swathes of yellow.

I have noticed the squirrels start to appear and frolic in the flowers.

But as lovely as it has been to see so many sunrises, I’m glad that longer days have arrived with the start of spring, and I no longer have to get up in the dark!

On the topic of changes (and perhaps tangentially linked by the theme of sustainable transportation)…

I went to the movies last week and as usual there were a bunch of advertisements for cars. But this time, the first three were for electric vehicles and I was disappointed that the fourth was a hybrid. Rather than being advertised for their eco-credentials, the message was closer to the traditional ‘here’s a shiny thing, you want this’.

Change is happening quickly! The UK continues to bring forward the date for ending sales of petrol and diesel cars (the current commitment is now 2035, with talk of 2032). But at this rate consumer demand might drive it much faster than that, pun only kind of intended!

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